This is probably a so stupid question so please forgive. Previously, we were using the MR816 with a PC 64 Win 7, using the MR tools analog o/ps 1&2 to c/room monitors, 3&4 to headphone dist amp and 5&6 to studio mons. We have switched to an iMac, now we can only get an analog o/p on 1&2, nothing on the other outputs. We switched to Mac because the F/wire performance was so bad on the PC. Also, we could input from the CD on the SPDIF optical, cannot do this either. Cannot find audio mapping… obviously it must work because a high percentage of studios use Macs. So any help would be greatly appreciated, a voice over next week, so mild panic setting in. Thank you, Nepule

Well it’s a multistep process.

I’m not infront of my 816 … but you can do a lot to the unit as a stand alone box in the MR Edit tool avaialble as a download.

1: In your DAW make sure that the Devices Setup has the 816 selected and set to Direct Monitoring.

2: setup theCubase inputs and outputs and assign them to the physical connectors on the 816 in the VST Connections Pane.

note that I prefer to use the VST Control Room for this … in which case make sure NOT to assign any output connections in the Outputs Tab … just activate the Control Room, create a Monitor Mix for the Speakers (1/2), a Studio Send for the Aux/headphone mix (3/4) and assign the physical outputs there. The Headphone mix is for an Engineer headphone mix, not an artist mix. Then the Studio channels in the Mixer will give you direct access to the artist headphone mix … just like a Prefade send on a real desk … using pass through on the 816.

If you don’t have a Control Room or don’t want to use it, then assign your outputs in the Output Tab. Main Out to 1/2 for speakers, 3/4 to Phones.

Then set up a send in the mixer and assign it to 3/4 and plug in your head phones.

You can always check the Window/Audio Hardware pane too. This allows you to select what outputs you hear in the 816’s built in headphone jacks.

Additionally you can also switch the 816 to be in Internal or External EFX mode here. In external FX mode the unit displays all it’s internal effects as VST Plugins within Cubase … for mixdown really. In this mode none of the digital ADAT or SPDIF inputs/outputs are active. I suspect this is why your SPDIF input isn’t working.

If you switch to Internal FX mode the FX’s are applied to the 816’s inputs and sent to the headphone outs for Artist monitoring ( not recorded). Now the digital I/O works but you have the choice of 1-8 ADAT or 1-6 ADAT and 7-8 become the SPDIF channels.

There are only 8 digital channels active at any one time in the 816… remember this.

Hope this helps …


Hi Lee,

Many thanks for your time and trouble in replying, your post is more than helpful, and we are gradually going through the set up process as you have said.

Many thanks again, will report back!!!