MR816 Direct Monitoring with Pro Tools 9

Hey all,

No I dont use Pro Tools I am a cubase user BUT I have to have pro tolls on my system for the odd job where someone uses my studio…

need to know how to utilize direct monitoring when using the mr816’s with pro tools



Don’t think you can…

Protools doesn’t support DM yet…

you’ll just have to mute the track input and use the MR editor to do monitor mixes. If you go to the DUC you’ll find a thread on the workaround for turning of input monitoring in pro tools.


Any changes for this on Pro Tools 10?

If you have the Complete Production Toolkit I think you can run input monitoring on a per-channel basis just like with HD. The “standard” version of PT10 still doesn’t support it.

Not true. All versions of Pro Tools 10 support ONE stereo Direct Monitor out.