mr816 driver problem

Hello guys! How are you?

I have a system with two units of the MR816 (one mr816 csx and other mr816 x ) and I’m changing the operating system pc to mac. I downloaded and installed the drivers , but when setting up the system is by changing the order of inputs (1-16 change to mr816x and your adat), leaving as a priority the mr816x and not mr816csx which is on the firewire cable to the main entrance ( 1 ) . I think that is a problem in the driver for mac. In pc it takes in the correct order and not mess my entries.

My os is os x yosemit 10.10.2

Can you help me?

On page 43 of the manual it tells how to change the device order. Have you tried this?

Thank you Mrhehon!!! I could make the change! You are the best!