MR816 firewire compatibility with Thunderbolt adapter


I would like to buy a new iMac but I have seen that on the newer models there’s no firewire connector.
Apple sell a firewire(800)/thunderbolt adapter :

So is MR816 fully compatible with those new iMac if I use this adapter or may I change my MR816 for a USB UR824 ?

thank you.

Sorry for my poor English, I’m french.

Nobody ?
The Technical Support hasn’t tried this TB->FW adapter ?
On new Imac and new laptop with retina screen, the Firewire is no more available so the mac users will probably have to work with this adapter or sell the Firewire units :wink:

I’m using the FW400 to FW800 adapter into a FW800-Thunderbolt adapter into a retina macbook pro and its working well, no problems.

Thank you very much !