MR816 No signal going to PC

I’ve had my MR816 for about 3 weeks now and still can’t get any signal going from the interface to Cubase AI. It’s a Dell, 2.66 Gig. I’m getting signal into the interface (the peak level lamp lights up ; I’ve got the gain at 12:00). I’ve installed the set-up software as per the instructions. I’ve routed the input / output busses in VST according to the instructions and still nothing. There is no fader level activity in Cubase. I’ve been corresponding with Steinberg Tech Support for 2 weeks. They finally set up a phone appointment with me and recommended that I exchange the unit for a new one (Which I did). Still the same problem. I’ve verified that the drivers are installed by checking System/Device Manager/Sound controllers ; they do show up as installed and working properly. When I go to Audio Hardware, the MR816 shows up as “no driver installed for this device”. I also can’t get sound from any audio cd I put in the rom drive. (I get a dialog box stating that it’s unable to play ; no driver is installed). I’m thinking it’s a driver issue but not sure. Anyone ever run into this? thanks for any help…


Windows version?
You laptop has no usb3 or? If yes try to use an usb2 port.
When you install the driver everything works fine?
You could alternativly use the asio4all driver to see if it works then.

Greetz Bassbase

Except that the MR816 use Firewire instead of USB :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…it’s hopeless. I’ve just gotten off the phone with a Steinberg tech. (Had a 45 min. phone session). The unit will not record. The tech said that Windows XP won’t support Cubase AI6. Ok. So I tried the unit using Cubase LE (Which is the software that I’ve been using for several years on this same computer). Now, I can’t get the LE version to work. I still don’t understand why I can’t get the driver for the MR816 to load successfully. I haven’t read anywhere that the MR816 will not work with XP. Guess I’m just venting at this point. The units going back.