MR816 not working properly with Ableton Live?

I’ve been very pleased with my MR816x since I got it, but that was until I started doing some projects in Ableton Live (v. 8 & 9). In Ableton Live I’m getting massive audio dropouts when working at buffer size 128 and 256 (cpu meter approx 24%). What’s really strange is that it getting worse when increasing the buffer size, and better when decreasing the buffer size to 64. Anyone who can confirm this, in my opinion, strange behavior ?

Please chime in.

Any MR816 owners working with Ableton Live at all? I would be interested to hear about your experience. Both good and bad.

I’ve been running Live 8 and just updated to 9. Rewire is broken, but my 816s seem to work fine. No dropouts…

Thanks, that’s what I thought. Guess I need to troubleshoot other parts of my setup.