MR816 Popping and clicking with no load.

I cannot get the device to work proper. I keep getting clicks and cutouts on the mr816x.
I set up the mr to recieve audio via optical that is coming straight out of the onboard motherboard audio and this works fine for just monitoring that signal. However once the actual mr816 driver is being used I now get clicking, poping and cutouts. Even under no load of very little. I did a simple audio in track on cubase and set that audio signal to come from the opt in. I recoarded what was happening sound wise a it recorded the clicks just as planned. I will upload that en my next post. However i noticed something interesting. It seemed to happen on command while moving the mouse around the gui. I don’t know exactly whats going on there but as stated there is virtually no load. I ran a hackintosh setup that worked fine on the same hardware.