MR816 Preamp Flutter + Other Issues.


I’ve just started experiencing some issues with my MR816 over the last couple weeks which I could do with getting sorted as soon as possible.

Problem 1.

Hi - Z input suddenly seems like it’s not grounded. When plugging different instruments in I can touch metal tuning pegs etc… and get a buzzing sound like when you touch an exposed jack that’s not plugged into the instrument.
Problem 2.

Hi - Z input develops a horrible electrical humming noise from time to time.

Problem 3.
Preamps work fine for a short time but after a while they become noisy and start to “flutter”. I’ve tested each pre with a different mic and still experiencing noisy flutter issue.

To me it seems like it’s some sort of wiring issue that’s developed over time. I’ve owned the unit since it came out and it’s held it’s own for a long time but now I’m starting to get these issues and don’t want to spend money on getting a new I/O. It’s no longer under warranty either :frowning: