MR816 Sample Rate stuck at 96

Hey guys. I have an MR816X here FW version with latest software.

I changed the sample rate to 96 and then back to 44.1. Ive STORED the setting in the MR Console at 44.1

When I boot the MR, its fine at 44.1. When I boot the Mac it goes up to 96 and stays there. I cant get it to change unless I go back into the MR console and do it? What gives here?

Where are the prefs files for the MR Rack, I want to trash them. I tried un installing the FW driver, Console etc with the uninstall app but my stored pref in the MR console is still there


10.8.2, C 6.5, all MR software is current

Got it. I changed the sample rate and didnt STORE it in the MR Editor. I then deleted all the prefs and re boot

This is happening to me as well please! I can’t take it anymore. I followed your instructions but it didnt work. how do I change sample rate without the mr editor. I’ve reinstalled everything. Trashed preferences!

Turn off the MR, reboot the mac. Go to AMS setup and make sure you dont have the sample rate set to the wrong one, set it to the correct one. Reboot, turn on the MR and see what you get