MR816 spdif no sound!

Hi I’m new in here, but I’m using mr816 many years. I’m always using mr816 in Win7. in Mac, this time is the first time…
and I cant get

My main dac is Benchmark DAC1 , and it’s conneting spdif optical with MR816. DAC1 is always lightning on blue led that is mean OKAY.
in win7, I can easy get the sounds. but in mac, I don’t know how can be changing my all sound’s main outputs to spdif opt.
I had set up to spdif opt in MR editor digital i/o section, but sounds still move on analog ouput 1-2 of MR editor’s right tap.
and I have no sounds on my speaker with dac1.
I don’t know how to change to spdif as main output. What is the wrong? I don’t know what is the missing I have did.

All sounds were setting the YAMAHA FW driver on the preference of my macbook osx, but i still have no sounds.
and sounds were still moving on the analog output 1-2 section. What is the missing i have to?

I need your help. Thank you.