MR816->UR824 ADAT Phase Issue

I’m running 2 x MR816’s on Yosemite v10.10.4 with the latest drivers/firmware. I also have a UR824 that I’m using as ADAT expansion (not using the USB interface) and running everything at 96K, wordclock sync is via BNC cable. I route the outputs to an analog console for mix-down. Using the MR816 analog outputs works fine but when I use the UR824 outputs via ADAT they are out of phase with the MR816s. I’ve checked/swapped cables, checked/swapped console inputs, and have confirmed that the signal coming out of the UR824 is out of phase.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Optical I/O /External Effects settings: NOTE, if you are going ABOVE 48kHz per the manual on the MR. In order to get SMUX which is above 48kHz since your running 96kHz. the ADAT setting on the MR is up to 48kHz only and 8 channels. The following should apply. Im guessing your daisy chaining the FW on the two MR units?

Are you daisy chaining the WordClock from Mr to Mr to the Ur?

ADAT (1-6)

  • S/PDIF
    (coax) or
    ADAT (1-4)
  • S/PDIF

When this is selected, the ADAT format signal
of 6 channels (when the Sample Rate is set to
44.1kHz or 48 kHz) or 4 channels (when the
Sample Rate is set to 88.2 kHz or 96kHz) will
be input/output via the OPTICAL IN/OUT jack.
Furthermore, the S/PDIF format signal of 2
channels will be input/output via the S/PDIF IN/
OUT jack in stereo