MR816 X CH.2 Noise

Hi Everyone,

I have had a noise problem with CH 2 of my MR816 X(OS 1.7.4) for a long time now and and am wondering if anybody may have some ideas on what may be causing it. First I will describe the issue.

The noise is very low. About -60 DB.But none of my other channels have this noise and it is annoying to have low level noise constantly going on. When I boost the preamp gain, the noise does not get raised. I keep my preamp at no gain until I need a hotter signal. After the session I return it to no gain. The noise is there with phantom power turned off.

This noise is not coming from my setup for I have disconnected it and moved it to another room with only headphones and the power brick plugged in. Steinberg recommended I do a full system restore which I did with no luck. They want me to send in the unit but I do not have the funds for that atm.

I am hoping one of you might know if a piece of hardware might be have gone bad. For example a transistor or capacitor. Maybe dust can cause this? I am willing to replace some parts if I can find them. I can solder if needed. I’m open to any ideas.

Thank you very much

Check the PAD buttons and make sure those are all set as they should be for your signals.

Odds are if its one channel only there is an issue with the unit and it needs repaired

Thank you very much for the reply. I am thinking my only option is to send it in.