MR816 X- CSX output hiss -tips and tricks 101

So lots of people say that there is lots of hiss noise coming out of the outputs when crancked all the way up…

WELL! here is why!

I have one (CSX) and use it every day on my ION AMD 6core phenom II 3.2ghz-16gb ram - TI chiset FW components

The MR has an EXTRA 6db of gain over zero db. So when its cracked all the way up, you get extra 6 DB, Don’t know why they did this so don’t ask hehe!
I have mine set up (CSX) to 0db in the Device - “audio hardware setting” - Master settings - set to 0db
THEN I use my CC121 controller to change monitors for mixing and I have a knob on the CC121 to bring the volume up or down for any of the monitors I select.
I get no unwanted noise or crazy hiss… The MR has a very good output. My monitors are very loud too so When I have it half way, its very hard and pumping…

So the hiss you get may come from the extra 6DB output… ALSO when you have PHANTOM power active on input 1 and you switch up hi-Z you get a jet like noise…
Don’t do that… disable the phantom power and the jet sound is gone… no Phantom power should be active if you are plugging instruments. Specially on channel one.
Which is dedicated for guitars and bass. IF you are using channel one for your condenser mic, don’t use Hi-Z… OK!

CONTROL ROOM TIP: You may know this but here I go!

I can set up multiple outputs: (F4-VST connections) - Studio Tab, activate control room - add channels/ Add Studio (it has a star symbol) Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals (in stereo or mono) etc…

Once I have established this, now I have four stereo outs where I can send to each musician and singer a mix of what they want to hear. By activating “Studio Sends”, on the channel editor
(E symbol on a channel) I can now go to each track and send to the drum room kick, snare, overheads, bass, vocal, etc… AND I can go to the FX channel where I’m using the REV-X and
I can see now that I can send the reverb to every room if they need to hear reverb… So if the singer in the booth wants to hear reverb, he or she can; monitoring thru’ Cubase…

Latency you say…mmmh! click on the little icon on the top LEFT looking like a cool watch (Constrain Delay Compensation) So when you are tracking and monitoring with Cubase you get ZERO latency

If you are still kind of lost! wait for the video… coming soon!


G&S Recording Studio - USA