MR816 X - how to setup, connection and installation


I’ve just purchased a MR816 X - Audio Interfaces for my son. However, i’m having problem to setup the hardware and the devices. Your manual is very brief and does not give full details.

  1. The software from the CD could not be installed. It stops at 91% - no error just say progressing…for more than 30 mins, but does not work.
  2. How do i connect Audio Interfaces to my speaker? passive speakers? or must I purchase the active spakers?
  3. For my testing I’ve done the following:

a. connect a microphone to MR816x
b. connect a headphone to MR816x
c. spoke over the mic but no sound came out to the headset.

  1. Do you have a copy of HOW-TO SETUP my devices to the M816x? the manual does not give brief detail. eg. how to connect to my MAC Pro, headset etc? I’m not a musician and this is for my son. We don’t have a clue how all this works.

I am sorry if my questions sound too basic. Pls help. thks

no replies? :frowning:

I don’t know much about the MR816, especially not on a mac. But it sounds like you could use some help. I am curious about why you bought an advanced audio interface like the MR816 if neither you or your son have any idea on how to operate it :wink:.

Anyway, I suggest you try to post your question in the MR816 subforum instead of here. The ‘Forum issues’ forum is just for problems people have with this website. You may need to register your MR816 with Steinberg to gain access to the Steinberg Hardware subforum.

dzan, dzan, I’m no expert on, but I might help you with a few general answers.

I’m no expert on the MR816 (yet), but I might help you with a few general answers.

  1. It sounds like the discs are damaged. Try download the divers from the Steinberg ( This is recommended anyway. Never rely soley on the discs supplied with any hardware. Always download the latest software from the manufactures site!

  2. You don’t! The MR816 is an audio interface not a power amplifier. You need a power amplifier with speakers (or a set of active speakers). Always make sure that you have a physical (preferably analog, if you use an analog power-amp) non-software-controlled volume controller (knob or slider) inserted between the MR816 and your power amplifier. The amp may have one built in, but not all do. This is very important. Software controlled my be set to full volume, without the operators knowledge. This may cause serious damage to your speakers, aswell as your hearing!

The master volume on the MR816 is controlled by a Multi Function Encoder Knob. This tells me that it is software coltrolled and I wouldn’t trust it to protect my speakers and hearing. This is no criticism of the MR816, but is relevant to all software controlled level controllers.

  1. This sound like a set-up problem:
    a) make sure that the input/output assignments are set up correctly.
    b) Make sure that the audio track and master fader in your DAW (Cubase, Nuendo, etc.) are connected to the appropriate inputs/output busses. The track input must be connected to the audio hardware input bus, the track output to the master bus and the master bus output to the audio hardware output bus.
    c) Make sure that the volume is up on both the track and the master faders and that none are muted (or any others are soloed).
    d) Make sure that the track is set to monitoring mode (i.e. that the audio passes through it).

All these procedured are explained in the manual for your DAW (Cubase, Nuendo, etc.) and in the MS816 manual. If you are using Cubase, much of this should be automated.

Now it should work. Good luck.