mr816 x with Mackie onyx 1220i

I won a Mackie 1220i firewire (4 pres ) through sweetwater about a year ago and never took it out of the box. I have a Steinburg 816x firewire (8 pres) I have been recording with the past two years, which has served me well.

Now I am doing more recording with my band and finding the need for more channels ( pres) 12 would be sweet.
What I want to know is can I daisy chain the two units together to record 12

Channels at once. If so, how? Or is there someway to use these two units together to record drums, guitar, bass, vocals, at the same time. With the two units together I would have 12 (pres).
I am still recording with the Cubase version that came with the 816x Al 5.
I using mac book pro. Does any know about how aggregate devices works in the mac and stability of using it to use two different interfaces?

Thanks for the help in advance

Not possible, since 2 different Asio Drivers would be needed to serve well both devices, but only one Asio Driver at the same time can be addressed by your computer… You can try to record with 2 computers at the same time, synced each other by VST System Link or, if the mackie has adat, you can hook it up on the adats of the MR816… Cheapest solution for more channels is the Beringer ADA8000 combined through ADAT with your MR…