MR816CSX 32 channels

Has anyone successfully gotten 32 channels using MR816CSXs and CBPro?

Are you using Firewire?
I have 3- MR816s connected via ADAT to a RME Raydat PCIe card running with no issues at all. I do have a 4th 816 I was planning on connecting to the Raydat (the RME has 4 ADAT I/O). Can’t think of any reason it shouldn’t work.
Might be a couple days before I can try it, as I am away for a few days.

Yep, Firewire. And I’m aware of its limitations. Only up to 48k when using 3 units. Up to 96k with only 2. I have the Adat outs going to my headphone amp. Do you have full control of all 24 channels to send to for Cue Sends with your configuration? I really want to add a 4th 816CSX for more channels. Not sure if i can fit another PCIe card. The 2 Radeons i have are rather large. But i’ll look into the Raydat. Thanks!

Raydat works great for that, 4 * mr816 is not a problem, and if you run out you can add another raydat and another 4 * mr816.

Does CBPro’s Control Room recognize all those Adat ins and no issues using headphone Cue Sends to them?

The only issue I can think of using a mr816, is that you need to set it up (or them) to using their native DSP-mixer so that direct monitoring can be used. The Cubase hardware integration in the mixer is lost, if you use the RME.
It has been years since I even had a FireWire card in my computer, so I’m a little fuzzy about the details.
The RME Raydat just has ADAT In 1 to 32 and ADAT out 1 to 32 and additional 2 channel coax spdif/AES in/out.
My Grace m900 DAC is connected to spdif, that way I have the full 32 in 32 out ADAT free (44.1k or 48k) any input can be routed to any output using RME Totalmix.
So yes, no problem using control room or external hardware, with a mishmash of ADAT capable interfaces here.
well except my old Motu 828mk2 that only supports hardware monitoring of either the inputs or the outputs but not both.
Soon to be replaced by another behringer ada8200, they don’t need any configuration and just work.

Great! Thanks for the info.