MR816csx audio dropouts

Kine a lot of people, I have the same problem. Under win xp no dropout, under win 7 32bit a lot of dropouts. Even with an high latency, even when I play a video from youtube.

SO I want to uninstall the FW driver, Does anyone know how to uninstall this? I tried in win7 under software, but the uninstaller freezes. Is there any other way?

same problem here. Win XP with Cubase 5 or Wavelab 6 + MR816csx => No dropouts.

New installed win 7 (ultimate 64 Bit) and new installed Cubase 6 (both 32 and 64 bit) and Wavelab 7 + MR816csx.
Dropouts every few seconds, tried a lot of different System settings (Soundcards, switched off the not used devices (USB, eSATA) and Antivirus and firewall software. But the issue is still there.

Is it a ‘known’ issue with Win 7 and MR816csx ?

A lateny checker software said there is no Problem with this system but my ears say somthing else.



MR 816csx Win7 32 C5.5.2 32 running here, no problems. But I had a devil of a time with the MR on XP!

I read a lot of problems all over the internet. The solution can be installing the 1.5 drivers, but I can;t uninstall the 1.6 driver…

Same problem for me! I used also 1,5 drivers and the problem is just the same. But it’s possible the problem to be the graphic card, so if there’s something you tried please tell me your proposition, because this cheap Nvidia GT220 I use is more than useless right now… many dropouts come from there, when I updated latest drivers. thank you

I have my MR816 CSX working fine on my Win 7 64bit pro.

Make sure the FW interface is TI chip set and also you can use the Yamaha FW utility to slow the FW buffers to 200.
A re-start of the system is a must after changing the speed of the FW. drop outs should go away. If still drops, check your FW card and video card…

I have also updated the firmware of my MR interface. (As with every firmware update, of any make or model, this is at your on risck if done wrong but if you follow the provided instructions by Yamaha, everything will go smoothly)

INFO about my PC:
Rain ION rack mount system - Win 7 pro 64bit - AMD 6 core Phenom II 3.2ghz - 16 GB Ram
ATI Radeon HD 4650 video card - internal audio is disable. the OS is tuned up.


mmh, maybe one of my harddisks is the reason.
If I play the Cubase 6 Demosong from my ‘old’ Harddisk, there are dropouts every few seconds.
I copied the song to a newer (faster?) disk with more cache=> No dropouts.

The disk has no problem with XP and Cubase 5.
But with Win 7 (64 bit) and Cubase 6, maybe it’s not fast enough (?).

I hope that is the solution for me.

Good night now :slight_smile:.


…by the way. The VST-meter shows no disk problems while the song ist playing, and the Asio-meter shows 30%.
But changing the disk helps here. Hope it’s the same when I try it again tomorrow…opss, tomorrow is today…good night now…


Hello again,

today it looks like the harddrive was not the main reason for the dropouts.
It’s all ok now with win7 and Cubase6 when I start Cubase with the demosong.
But when I move my mouse, the dropouts are there. I changed my logitech wirelessmouse with a microsoft USB (wire) mouse.But it’s the same. No mousemeovements => no dropouts. Mousemovement => Dropouts.

I haven’t had this issue with XP and Cubase5.

Any comments about this issue?


Dropouts stopped for me when I put a fw400 to fw800 adapter on and started plugging the mr816b into the fw800 slot, but I’m on a mac pro.

hello there,

first thing im going to tell you is i dont have the mr816 but through research of possibly getting a firewire interface i’ve come across a common issue with firewire and win7, the solution more often than not is to go to your device manager and right click the 1394 ieee bus controller and change it to the legacy driver, hope this helps

I’m having dropouts on a fast machine in Wavelab 7 using the legacy driver.

same problems here with my new MR 816csx:

no problems (win7, 64bit) at all BUT if i change the volume of a clip during playback —> dropouts

dropouts every 5 to 10 seconds when playing youtube-videos in FULLSCREEN

seems the problem is the graphic/video-card!
any ideas /solutions / experiences???

Sorry to add to the list instead of a cure but I have a Windows 7 64bit Core i5 netbook with 8GB ram and I have tried everything, including moving to a TI firewire cardbus disabled everything including the graphics driver so that I lost the 2nd screen I would use to record live with. Nothing worked. The graphics were so low the only thing that I could see in cubase was the control unit and when I pressed play the dropouts were just as bad. I also tried my N12 on the laptop (works a treat in the studio on Vista ultamate 64bit) and it was the same. I’ve sent word to steinberg but as yet heard nothing back. I really don’t know what to do next. If I thought installing the studio vista would cure everything I’d give it a go but the laptops 6mths old and all that hastle just to find out its the same would kill me.
I’ve only had the MR8 a few days and I’m sure I could return it but I really want it to work. I used an Audiofire 4 on the same notebook a week ago and after increasing the buffer to 190 it worked perfect for multitrack recording, at 512 the MR8 can’t play 1 single imported music track or an itunes song without stuttering and droping out. I’ll have spent nearly £1000 by the time I add up the unit and cards etc so keeping it as a studio ornament is really not an option. If anyone can come up with a solution there are by the looks of things a lot of us who really need it. :frowning:

Trolling through the forum archive I came accross a post that - sorry I forgot who posted it but I’m extreemly grateful to you - said they disabled the ACPI under battery in the device manager and it solved their problems. Well I tried this and for the first time Cubase 6 played back the track of music with no drop outs. I then went back and disabled network and over the past few hours I’ve been able to do test recordings of an ipod backing track with me singing and some harmony overdubs. So one stereo music track and one vocal track together no drop outs. DPC Latency checker is mostly green ocasionally yellow. Although I have still seen the very odd red but cubase is still working as stated above. I don’t think this has fixed it to rock solid status by any means but a few hours ago it couldn’t play back 1 track for a few seconds so if you have not tried this battery fix its worth a go. It still can’t play an itunes track but if Cubase works I don’t care. I really only need this to track our band for albums, all my editing will be on the N 12 in the studio and its solid (thank God) but it would be great if a new driver that solved all these problems came out. A card this expensive should really work out the box.

i have the same prob since i installed Cubase 6 and the new driver for my MR816 CSX…!!
With the driver 1.7 i had every sec dropouts then i changed to 1.6 and now i have less dropouts but they still there…
I’m really mad with steinberg i hope work hard an any solution for this massive problem!!!
Cubase 5.5 on my Old G5 Quad was perfect and now i have a Mac pro and Cubase 6 and i can’t produce because dropouts and crashing Cubase…!!

Try using a PS2 keyboard and mouse. USB can sometimes cause DPC latency spikes, which results in audio dropouts.

If your graphics card is an NVidia card, then it may indeed be the problem. There are known issues with the NVidia drivers. You can try a cheap ATI graphics card instead.
It might also be that your graphics card and the MR816 share the same IRQ.

I’m getting random dropouts on playback. Here’s my system:

Cubase 6 & Wavelab 7

Intel Q6700 2.67GHz
4 GB RAM Mushkin Redline 5-5-5-12
Asus Maximus formula
ATI 4670 GPU

W7 64 bit

MR816CSX, MR816X, CC121

Tonight, I’ll try DPC Latency checker and some of the other recommendations on this thread. I’d appreciate it if a Steinberg mod would chime in and give more specific info about disabling devices in device manager (like the order of devices to try and how far to go) and other tweaks. In the mod-written thread, I can’t read the linked threads that are in German and I can’t find the equivalent threads in English because the website keeps locking up when I try.

I don’t believe that the onboard firewire is a problem as this same PC has run an n12 flawlessly for 2 years under XP 32 bit. I do remember needing to tweak the firewire setup to get the n12 running but I don’t remember the tweak. I’ll mill around looking for that tonight.

In my case, it just appears to be a playback dropout issue. I recorded 16 tracks on the CSX/X combo, mixed in Cubase, mastered in Wavelab to 44.1/16 WAV. When I play the master with Cubase, Wavelab or Media Player, I get random dropourts, but if I move the mastered file to another PC, it plays without dropouts. One last issue - the Maximus Formula ships with a PCI-e soundcard and I had it in place when loading W7, but I did not install the drivers. I’m wondering if I should uninstall that sound card…

The first devices you could disable to try fix the dropouts are:

  • wifi adapter
  • onboard lan
  • onboard soundcard
  • usb devices

In general, anything with a badly written driver can cause audio dropouts.

What brand is your firewire chip?

Make sure that your energy settings in Windows 7 are set to “high performance”.

In Windows 7 it might be necessary in some cases to install the legacy Firewire driver in order to fix dropouts, but that should be the last resort.

First thing to do is check if you have DPC latency issues.