MR816CSX, C6 and OSX lion...?

I have a MR816CSX and Cubase 6, that I have had installed on a PC. I have now bought an iMac with OSX Lion, and have installed the updated version for MR816, and the sound works fine if I just play mp3 etc through it.
Then I installed C6 and have also tried the upgraded 6.0.5 version, but it does’nt work. I get error messages like: “PowerPc not supported”, etc. And as soon as I open Cubase, I get a message on the screen saying “could not create record file”, and then “Yamaha Steinberg FW has been removed”…? I have tried many times, and the same thing happens every time. So now I really don’t know what to do. Can anyone help, please?

PoweredPC is old technology that Mac no longer uses, so unless you have very old vst’s, it’s not needed. You should delete the PowerPC file from your computer so that error goes away. Try opening up cubase in 64 bit mode and see if that helps. I had the same issue before I deleted the PowerPC off my Mac.