MR816csx driver crash after activating External FX. Needs full PC reboot.

I have a serious problem with the MR816csx and Nuendo 8.2

It was working correctly before i did open a 88.2 Khz project and did activate the external FX function of the MR816 interface.

Now as soon as i try to open this project, the MR816 driver is crashing, and i need to reboot the computer to get the interface working again. A simple interface power off / power on is not enough.

Regardless what i do, i cannot disable external FX for this project, so it is not usable anymore with the MR816csx interface because it does crash every time i open it. :blush:

How to clean the MR816 external FX setting ? I tried to uninstall MR tools and install it again without success. Seems like Nuendo wants to set this external FX function for this project regardless what i do.

After some investigations to understand where the problem was located (and many reboots… :unamused: ), I did find a solution to get back the 88.2 project working :

  • open the project and set it’s sample rate to 48 Khz. Do not convert files and do not change their positions.

  • save the project

  • power off the MR816csx interface, reboot the computer, power on the MR816csx interface.

  • open the project. The interface and driver do not crash anymore at 48 KHz.

  • go the the audio hadrware setup and change the FX external setting to ADAT or something else.

  • change back the project to 88.2 Khz, Do not convert files and do not change their positions.

  • save the project. Project is working again. No more interface / driver crash.

So it is definitely a problem with the MR816 driver or audio interface that crash when using external FX mode and 88.2 KHz selected for the sample rate.

I did try with 96 Khz project, it does crash the same.

So external FX is not usable with 88.2 or 96 Khz…

The driver or interface firmware or both needs to be corrected.

Did someone try to use External Effects mode with the UR824 at 88.2 or 96 KHz inside Nuendo 8 ? Is it working ?