MR816CSX DSP features problem w/ Automap

I wanted to see if any of you have the same problem. I have been having issues with my MR816CSX DSP features (channel strips and RevX). Fot the last several weeks, I’ve been working on a new project, mostly under C7. I noticed that when I tried to open the channel strip as an insert, it always says “not available.” (It did work in the hardware panel, but only on input channels and only when set to ADAT) I know how to set the MR panels to external and it made no difference. The RevX also says “not available” no matter how the MR panel was set. I also noticed that if I open the hardware panel in the mixer (in both C6 and C7) on any input channel, it didn’t work. If I hit the “e” button for the RevX, the reverb gui opens and was broken. The gui used to open so that it appeared to be about 4(w)x2(t) and showed the entire panel. It now opened 2(w)x4(t) cutting off the right half of the display and the bottom half was white. I could not resize the gui. I could not open or use the RevX or channel strips as an insert or as a input modifier. No matter what I did, it just said “not available.”

I tried reinstalling the MR 1.7.2 driver and it made no difference.

Having noticed in the past that Automap effected the crash on close issue, I decided to try removing those features from the Automap wrapped plugins.

Note that Automap loads automatically when I start Cubase. With everything running and all MR related plugs showing “Not Available”, I searched the system for the .dll files and found that there were 2 sets of .dll files for the RevX and Channel Strips, one set in both the x86 and 64 bit program files. (I only use 64 bit) I also found that they would not uncheck in the Automap server. In each file location, I found one set listed normally [name].dll and another as ![name].dll. Those are Automap wrapped versions.

I shut down Cubase and rebooted the system. Then opened the Automap server (without opening Cubase), unchecked all the MR816 related entries, and rebooted. The ![name].dlls were gone (from both sets of folders) and when I started Cubase, the RevX and Channel Strips acted correctly. When I then opened the preferences gui in Automap and rechecked the MR related plugs, they then failed exactly as before. Had to shut down, reboot, open Automap alone and clear. Now they work, but - of course - they aren’t controllable from my SLMKII. But you might want to pass this along.

Anyone else having this problem?

That’s interesting. I’m still using 6.5, but I was having shutdown error issues after installing AutoMap with the latest update for 6.5. It’s the same error on shutdown everytime. This happens whether I have my MR connected or not. CuBase still performs fine, it’s just on shutdown.
There are a number of threads related to the shutdown and Automap issue for 6.5. Supposedly, if you eliminate those Automap “wrapped” .dlls, it will resolve itself. It seems you are experiencing something similiar with the behavior of the other items you mentioned. I love my Novation, plays great, love the controls, but Automap has a bug or two.
Can I ask you a question on another note - I can’t seem to get the Novation (or CuBase) to remember my controller assignments for a particular instrument. I’ll program it, then switch to another instrument, come back to the original, and I have to reprogram the controls again. Without taking up too much of your time, could you give me a summary of what I should be doing, I’ll try it, then I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again for the input. Ed

Ed, If you mean in Automap mode, you have to save the changed assignments in the automap GUI, then set that assignment as the default for that instrument.

I’ll play with that (I’m assuming the GUI is not the one on the keyboard, but rather AutoMap’s software utility).

If it’s a non-Automap compatible instrument, do you save the control assignments in CuBase, Automap’s utility, or on the keyboard itself?
I read through the manual for the Novation back when I got it, and I attempted it, but without success. I’ll go through it again. In the meantime, your thoughts on the above.

Thanks again Alaka… I hope I got that assumption right!

I’m on a Mac here and I can tell you that the MR.s channel fx and Rev X haver never worked if Automap wraps them for remote control.

Whenever there’s an Automap update I always go into the Automap control panel and ensure that the MR plug ins are deselected… Then they work fine.

Actually I don’t use the Novation much now… I got a couple of the little CMC controllers ( the transport and Quick controller) and I like them a lot.


Hi Lee. Yes, I think I’m headed in that direction. The Novation keyboard itself has a nice comfortable synth feel to it. That’s why I use it so much. The selection of controls are nice and if you wanted to assign some discrete item to a control, that works. But, to have full, hands-on, feel for operating your DAW, I think CMCs or a Mackie would be much more versatile and give you that more intuitive studio-like interaction with the DAW. You went with the Transport and QC controllers. If you were to invest in another, which one(s) would it be?
Thanks! Ed

Well I have an old Mackie MCU Pro which use for Level Faders and Transport. However since it’s not portable I got the CMC Transport unit and I find myself using it a lot even with the MCU in front of me. It lets me hold the mouse with my right hand and hit transport controls with my left. To use the MCU controls I have to use my mouse hand and switch back a forth.

I got the Quick Controller just so I could have knobs for Cubase’s channel EQ. A Pair for each band ( one knob doubles Freq and Q ) but I like it. Somehow I can ‘think and hear’ while twidling a knob, something that doesn’t work fro me while tracking a mouse on a screen control. The other buttons are good … and I have actually set up a few “Quick Control” set ups on tracks … works well. No way I’d use Quick Controls through the UI. This can be achieved via the MCU or Automap … but somehow the layout of the knobs helps me. Lets face it… I jsut want a big ol’ mixer again. ( not gonna happen … but I want it! )

So another one? Well I’d probably give the AI knob a go. Point at a control and turn the knob. Not sure it it would work for me … I mean if I’m pointing at a control anyway, just click and drag right? But seeing as the EQ knobs are useful maybe other things would be too.

Sorry for drifting off topic.

Yup, as you were describing it all, I was picturing myself doing the same. I think the AI knob is a matter of getting used to that “point and turn/adjust” motion.
With the Quick Controller, do you wish you had more knobs? If the Behringer BCF2000 wasn’t so time-consuming and not so unfriendly on the interface side of things, it would be perfect. Because you’re right, a mixer is the tried and true hands on interface. All our thought processes of inserts, etc. are based on the standard mixer.
Did you ever take a look at the new Behringer modular controllers? They are more for DJ type applications, but they certainly resemble Steinberg’s and cheaper. They are a little thicker. If you get a chance to check them out on their site (or YouTube), let me know what you think.
I just put ordered C7 upgrade from version 6.5. Not sure if that was wise so early in the race to get the latest & greatest, but I’ll give it a try. I have liked what I’ve seen on demo videos so far, but I’m not liking the “complaints” up til now. But, I suppose they can’t make everyone happy; unless they are all complaining about the same thing. :open_mouth:
Thanks again. Ed

Thanks for the post. I was going nuts until I found what you wrote here, and now all is well.

I owe you as beer or a coffee or a stuffed bear or something.


Ditto - this solved a major issue for me, too with my UR28M. Thanks!