MR816csx lost metering with Windows 7 upgrade

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 pro from XP pro, running Cubase 6, both 32 bit and 64 bit. When I play back a project with 32 bit cubase, everything works as before. When I play back a project with 64 bit cubase, I have NO metering/led’s on the front of the 816?

Anyone know why that is?

Also, there is no longer the tab at the top in cubase where I could choose where to send the headphones and reverb. I think it was called “hardware” something. Again, what happened to that function. How am I suppose to assign the headphones to a studio mix, or assign reverb to the phones, etc.?


You can still use the MR Editor instead of Cubase, but I don’t think you can use both at the same time…
I could be wrong, I don’t use cubase.

Do you have the latest Tools for MR installed? Both for 32- and 64-bit?