MR816CSX No sound, Help!

I just got my new Windows 7 computer and I have problems getting the MR816CSX to work.

My new computer has a Asus Z170-A motherboard with a i7 Skylake prosessor. My firewire pci-e card is a Sunsway/ST Lab PCIe FireWire 2+1P with a Texas Instruments XIO22313AZHH chipset.

All the driver seems to work, and all hardware integration, direct monitoring, onboard DSP works with cubase.
But there is no sound coming through the firewire bus. No sound into the input busses in cubase, no sound out of cubase and no sound out of windows media player. :angry:

On my old MacBookPro everything worked fine.

Can anyone help me?

Did you find a solution for this problem?
I have simular problems with the MR816X.
Works fine on my old first gen I7 pc. On my new one I& 5820 Asus X99-a no sound. Even installed Win 7 but nothing.


I use a Asus ThunderboltEXII card with a Apple thunderbolt/Firewire adapter.

I also updatet my bios and motherboard drivers.

Is that like PCI-E thunderbolt card with an external adapter?
I do have the latest bios and also installes the latest drivers. I was so sick of this problem that i ordered a RME PCI-E card. Which i will install this weekend. Can connect the RME and the MR816 via adat. Bit of an expensive solution but it’s time to make music instead of solving computer troubles :slight_smile: