MR816CSX Outputs

Hi, I’m new here, but I have owned an MR816CSX for many years. Recently though, I have been trying to get my MR816CSX to output to anything other than outputs 1 & 2, but have been unsuccessful. All my inputs work fine, and I’ve been over the manual a few times trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, but no luck so far…

I really would appreciate it if someone could help us out. Thanks!

Ps. Using Win 7, Reaper and Sonar.

I don’t have any familiarity with Reaper or Sonar as I use Cubase. But I suggest you use the Steinberg MR Editor software to see if outputs 3-8 are activated. It comes preset with output tracks 3-8 off. Once you turn them on and set the output levels, you can save the configuration and then close the MR Editor. Then your DAW needs to be set to output on those additional channels.

Thank you for the reply, AlakaLazlo - much appreciated. Can you explain how to turn those outputs on so that it sends from all simultaneously?..

I have managed to get the other outputs working in the meantime, but I can’t see any way in the MR editor to activate them simultaneously. It appears to only give me the option to send from one pair of outputs at a time.

Perhaps if you could explain the steps to activate those other outputs? Thanks again.