MR816s can't be detected from their 1st firewire port HELP!


I’m living in Thailand and bought two units of MR816x while I was traveling abroad. Here’s the issue:

  • Both units can’t be detected by my computer (and others as well) from their 1st firewire port. I need to plug the firewire cable to the 2nd to get it working. Even change to many cable sets doesn’t solve this problem at all. :cry:

Although they work well when connected to their 2nd but from this issue, I can’t daisy-chain those units together as I’m doing live-recording all the time. Does anyone have the same issue?

Anyway, I contacted a distributor in Thailand. (Yamaha, Thailand) and havn’t got anything useful . They told me that they have never sell MRs at all and to get it repaired, I must pay them two times of labor and 30% more of replacement parts!

If Steinberg’s support team view this thread, please suggest me for the cause of this problem and provide me the repair support.

I really like MRs in terms of their sound quality and portability. I really need to send mine for repair with experienced technicians in reasonable price not with technician who don’t know that they have this series for sale.