Mr816's Yamaha Driver FULLLLLLL

Something happened and Yamaha’s driver asio overload (F12 key) is always at 100%. So i can’t work because the sound is full of crackles and glitses.
If i change the driver to Asio Full Duplex, the asio overload is 45% (which is the normal fo the current project). Yesterday with the yamaha driver and the SAME project was 45%.

I have NO vst instruments but many vst-Fx’s. I switched off ALL vst-fx’s and (with the yamaha driver) the asio overload was at 70%!!! (just 60-70 audio tracks).

I really need to work to finish the project. Any ideas??

Windows 7 (64bit)
CPU i7 1200
M/B AsusP65
RAM 6Gig

Cubase 6.0.5 (64bit)
MR TOOLS v1.7.2

if u just mixing maybe try to increase the asio buffer (higher latency)so u could run the project with no clicks.

The day before i was recording vocals, in another light project, and i had set the asio buffer latency at 32 in order to have some insert fx’s for the singers headphones with low latency… I totally forgotten this!!!

Now i set it back to 160 and everything its ok!!

Thank you mozizo!