MR816X and connecting several ADAT's

Hi all!

I have a MR816X and have one question that im thinking of. I plan to buy 3 ADA8000 but my concern is that this might be a bad idea. I know that you can connect serveral adat’s with eachother and build an “optical snake”, i.e. ADAT OUT from one uint to ADAT IN to the next and so on. …

So my plan is to connect the 3 ADA8000 and then use the MR816X as the master clock. But will MR816X ONLY see 8 of the 24 channels? Or will this work? I dont have the equipment to test this at home :frowning:

Many thanks for advice!


The MR816 only has 8 channels of ADAT I/O and therefore will only see 8.