MR816X and VIA6308s firewire chipset


I am considering getting an MR816X. I am running Cubase 7 x64 on Windows 7 Pro x64. I have an Asrock Extreme 6 motherboard with onboard firewire that uses a VIA6308s chipset. I have looked at[product]=157 but as this is talking about XP SP2/Vista I am unsure when it was last updated.

Does anyone know whether the MR816X will run happily on this firewire chipset?


Any thoughts anyone?

well I have the same Via Chipset in my Gigabyte but windows 8 and I’m having enough problems whit drivers issues, I am reading the diferent forums about this: WDF_VIOLATION.
It’s a BLUE SCREEN thats make reset my computer totally.

If I can get more information in these days I will post here!

If somebody else have this problem and have some answers, please feel welcome here!