MR816x/ Device Manager SPDIF problem. Help!

I’m new to Cubase and have a recently acquired MR816x as well as the DAW.

I also have a Fostex CR500 CD recorder which I want to connect to the MR for CD playback. The problem is that the Device Manager does not recognise the SPDIF I/O even when I set the MR Editor ‘Analog I/O and SPDIF’.

When I first bought the products I had the SPDIF options available on Device Manager but they’ve since disappeared. I managed to get track metering from the CR500 but could not route to the monitors.

Sorry, I know I’m a newbie but any help would be greatly appreciated. Basically, I want to be able to record and playback CDs via SPDIF on the MR, but for now just knowing how to playback would be a start!

Thanks in anticipation… :smiley:

Seriously guys… (this isn’t the Avid DUC is it?!!)

All I want to ask is: where are the SPDIF I/Os on the Device Manager? They used to be there.

Is it a cable issue?
Have I changed some crucial setting without realising?

I just want to playback my CD-R thru the MR.

Give me some faith in this DAW/ soundcard set-up!

Sussed it.

Had to open the I/O from the DAW not the MR editor… Sweet sounds coming out the Neumanns.

You knew I’d get there, right?