MR816x Editor messing with Cubase External FX


I’m working on a project where I’ve been using a couple of hardware FX processors with Cubase…it’s been flawless. Recently I stupidly decided to try a trial of Pro Tools 11. I had to use the MR Editor to make routing settings since the mr816x has no integration with PT. Long story short…I off loaded PT after about two days…I seriously disliked it. And when I began working again on my project…the external effects were not functioning. I’m not talking about the MR’s external effect feature, but Cubase’s. I must have changed something in the MR editor. I can now see signal hitting the hardware Lexicon verb I’m using, but no return coming back. I deleted and re-created the external effect on the connections page and when I went to insert it on a new FX channel in Cubase…there was an “X” to the right of “External Effect” in the inserts list. All the routing and ports are identical to the previous working setup…only difference?..what ever I tweaked on the editor during the PT trial…Arrrrggg! Any suggestions? I’m working with Jeff Deno in support but after several exchanges we’re still not figuring it out.


Cubase 7, MR816x, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, 12gb RAM 2.66 quad core