MR816X - ERROR - cannot use Yamaha Steinberg FW driver - WINDOWS 10


I’ve purchased MR816X sometime in 2013 - reg. It was used mainly by my son who is now in his 20s. He has not been using it for more than 5 years already. So i decided to use it for my little project. I tried setting up onto my windows 10 notbeook since my son’s macbook is no longer available.
However I encountered the following error:

After successful installation of the downloaded software form steinberg website, Upon starting the MRTOOL - ERROR " cannot use Yamaha Steinberg FW driver"

Previously it was working fine on my Son’s macbook that is now gone.

  1. So I am trying to install onto my WINDOWS 10 - via USB (my notebook) and the IEEE 1394 6 pin (to the MR816x).
  2. I’ve tested the mic on MIC/LINE 1 and output to active speaker - working fine.
  3. I’ve downloaded the steinberg driver -
  4. I’ve installed it without any error.
  5. After installation, I’ve tried running the MRTOOL from my windows but the following error appeared:
  6. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall all the different version that is available on the website, but still failed.

a. Did i missed something?
b. How do I make it work?
c. Where can I download the CUBASE software for the necessary setup later?

Note: the CD that came with MR816x is long gone. I understand that MR816x is not longer available.

Please help, anyone please? appreciate loads. Thank you.