MR816X extension dont work with Cubase6

I made a clean install with cubase 6 and then MR816 X/CSX driver/extension. In the tamplate dialog there is no option for the MR816 audio card. > No options to use the card in the mixer. Please help Steinberg!

When I first put my MR816CSX on, Cubase failed to see it despite repeated supposedly successful installation attempts. It eventually got it’s act together on about the fourth time through the installation procedure! Nothing was different about that attempt other than my somewhat higher blood pressure. It’s worked fine ever since!

Did yo mean that cubase 6 didn´t found Mr816? I dont have that problem. My problem is in the mixer. I can only see the standard mixer. Not the “MR816” mixer view.
There must be some way to solve this.

I found the solution to the problem. I choose “open other” template. Then search for C:/program/cubase5/template. If some other has the desam eproblem here is the answer.