MR816X hissing noise from all 8 analog outputs.


I have problem with all 8 analog outputs, they always produce silent hissing which is similar to white noise sound. This hissing noise does not depends on anything. I will just describe the things that I have found out:

  • The hissing sound does not depend on Firewire cable plug state, if cable is plugged in or plugged out the noise persists (not PC problem!!!). The only exception is when MR816X being restarted and light diodes are “running around” the noise dissapears for some seconds;
  • The hissing sound does not depend on input volumes, all input channels are muted the hissing persists;
  • The hissing sound does not depedn on monitors, I have tested with KRKs and ADAMs
  • The noise does not depend on output volume… at all
  • The point is that the noise does not depends on anything that user can do in MR Editor (Rev-X, Volumes etc)
  • The headphones outputs do not have this type of noise
  • The S/PDIF channel has clean output!!!
  • The MR Editor v1.6.3, Boot v1.0.0, Main v1.1.0, IEEE1394 v1.0.2

This does not annoys when you listening or even recording music. But with this noise I cannot perform re-amping and other stuff like recording WDM channels (thank you S/PDIF channel, you save my life).

Do you have any ideas? Is that some feature of Steinberg MR816x or what?
As you can see from description about Firewire cable this is not PC problem. But anyway I have performed all recommendation from Steinberg and from internet to make my PC acceptable for professional music activities. I have no dropouts, driver problem etc - just for information.