MR816X installation issues - Win7 64

This is driving me nuts :frowning:

I have recently bought a new computer for recording. I thought that I had done my homework by being sure to buy a seperate firewire PCI card with a Texas Instrument chipset… (Lacie 400 Firewire card)

However, after following the “getting started” guide exactly to the point - it does not work.

I have downloaded the newest MR Tools from Steinbergs website, and running the setup it shows no sign of not installing everything correct… However when checking this in the device manager:

“Click on the [+] mark next to “Sound, Video and
game controllers” and confirm that “Steinberg
MR816 Series,” “Yamaha Steinberg FW Bus” and
“Yamaha Steinberg FW WDM Audio” are listed.”

Sadly, the only one present is the “Yamaha Steinberg FW Bus”. The two others can not be found anywhere.

When I turn my MR816X on nothing happens on my computer.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to solve this?


Oh and this is what it looks like when clicking the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver in tray…
Yamaha steinberg fw driver.jpg
Yamaha steinberg fw driver2.jpg
Also; the firewire card seems to work when checking the device manager… see photo:
device manager.jpg
I have tried all the drivers… also the legacy ones.

Hi there,

I have exactly the same issue. However I use Windows Vista 32bit and a 1394 controller from RICOH.

Note: When switching on the MR816X the lamp for the clock indicator flashes two times, then both lamps (clock indicator and sample rate indicator) are steady.

Using downloaded driver 1.7.2

Any help is highly appreciated.


I have had a chance to check Johnny’s MR816 and it turned out that it is a defective device. As you both seem to have the same issue, please check with your dealer to return the device.

I realize this thread is over a year old, but I was having “digital noise/whine” problems with my integrated 1394 interface, so I got an external firewire PCI card (a SYBA brand with a TI TSB82AA2 chip), thinking this would solve the issue. Well, it didn’t and now I’m stuck without sound.

I’m on winXP SP3, by the way, with a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard.

The question I have for you guys is: Was it a defective unit? Did you replace it?