MR816x Latency problems. Please help.

Hi I use Steinberg MR816x with cubase 5.
When I start a new project I have zero latency when listen. After I record a few tracks then the latency is like a half second or more.
I use a Yamaha UX256 for my midi. I have a latency problem now on my midi instruments to. It records without latency though, both audio and midi. But listening have latency. Why?

Not shure if there is something in cubase I can optimise.
I only have one MR816x but I wanted two more. Now I dont know anymore.
Cant be a problem only recording a few channels while playing a few channels.

I made a mix using almost 50 audio channels and fx on every channel. No problem. But then I cant record something because of the latency issue while listening.

I cant use this interface as it is. I use Yamaha Steinberg FW Asio drivers in Cubase. I had other asio drivers installed before. I used a presonus interface. Do I have to Re-install windows and make a fresh install?

I rather dont try to flash my motherboard with a newer bios. I destroyed a few asus board in the past trying to update my bios.

I have a descent pc.
Asus P5K
Q6600 8mb l2cache
8gb ram
Windows 7 x64
Best regards

Hi Johan. Be patient with this. If the MR is working well with not playing any channels, then, your problem is probably not with the MR unit itself. It sounds like a buffer issue or on the PC side itself. I can’t help you much in terms of specific suggestions as I haven’t had problems myself and the MR unit performs very well while monitoring. I have read lots of discussions and solutions on the forum about latency problems associated with multiple tracks open and playing while recording. With some tweaking, most people find sucess. You’ll have to do a search.

whats is the buffer size in MR control panel ?

I use the default 256 samples at 44.1kHz and no issues. Some people would reduce that in some cases depending on your DAW system. With alot of multiple tracks playing through your MR while recording at the same time, someone else may feel that it needs to be tweaked. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much experience with that. Again, I know there are lots of threads under the MR forum section that talks about this. You’ll have to dig through them. Ed

Thanks guys. Works better now, still some issues though. Latency using software synth´s while playing alot of audio channels. I never use more then 50% of my computer. If I have 256 in buffer size, most problem whent away, longer latency though. I had to low headroom, when I increased the buffer I gained more headroom, strange.

Another question. If I have two or three MR816 then I should have more dsp power as well.
So using more then one MR816 interface while handling alot of audio files software synth´s and recording should give me more power as well and not just more inputs?
The wireface cant be the bottle neck or?

Tanks for the help.

BTW I just bought this interface. I made a choise to go steinberg insted of protools. I read that this interface is discontinued. WTF
Yeah I was late, but now I dont have a full system yet. I checked a few store´s and they dont sell MR816 anymore, but they did one week ago :frowning:
So a new product will replace MR816 and I just buy the new interface insted and they work together in a perfect harmony, or?

Hi Johan. Yes, this has been a target of discussion for a while now. The USB version of the interface (UR824) appeared later than the MR series and came with the channel strip (like the MR816CSX interface). People seemed to feel that this is where Steinberg decided to put more priority as they felt support for the MR series dried up. That may or may not be true, but the MR units are still very good; and based on forum discussions, the USB connection seems to have its glitches.
Much depends on your application / workflow. The pre-amps are excellent and people seem to be using the MR units for this in conjunction with another interface. Also, the issue of monitoring of multiple MR units has been all over the forum as well. Having said that, just as many people feel that is not a problem.
I believe that generally, people feel that the Steinberg units have the best latency results compared to the horror stories I’ve read of other units. RME units seem to be immune from some of those issues (but the quality of their pres are not at the level as the MR units). Again, “different strokes for different folks”.
The more you read, the more the roller-coaster ride takes you up and down. I don’t think the MR unit is a bad investment. I believe the latency issues you are having is DAW / software related. People on the forum have run many, many channels at one time and experience no latency at all with the MR units.
Anyway, don’t spend too much thinking about whether or not you made a smart purchase. You will be cutting into music time :slight_smile:
All the best. Ed

Thank you for your answer, I feel alot better know. I really like this unit, hence why I desided to go for this system. I have 32 tracks dtrs recorders as well and wanted a nice firewire Interface, I like the preamps to. It´s a bummer if they gonna stop MR816, but I like this interface, so if I cant buy a new one, then I will buy used ones insted when the time commes.
The latency issue:
I had a few audio tracks and a few lined guitars and a bass. I used heavy Amp simulators and everything was ok. Then I wanted another guitar track, and I used Amp simulator with fx on this guitar to. Now there is latency. Not on the recorded guitar though. Direct listen out is without latency, but without amp simulator and such.
I baked all previous audio files, but the latency was same anyway. I didnt test to restart cubase though.
Only playing audio files without any amp simulator I thought the latency would go back to almost zero. But it didnt. I started a new project and recorded with amp speaker, no latency. So maybe I would just have to restart my project.

But I had alot of cpu power left, Why does latency accur if cubase doesnt use all cpu power before dsp power?
You understand what I try to say?
Would be great to have full of fx and amp simulators and such, no latency. Beacouse I only used 50% of my computer power anyway. Then I can change my guitars or what ever when I want. Otherwise I can just mic my guitar direct and skip amp simulation.

Oh yes, I know exactly what you’re saying and there is no question of all your VSTs and effects are in the picture, latency can show up. However, they would have to be significantly demanding. If the outputs of you’re guitars / effects are through the MR, I suspect it’s a data transfer issue and buffer is the key. Also, is your harddrive 7200RPM? That is important too. Increase your RAM from 8GB? Either than the usual recommendations in the manual, do a search for “buffer” on the forum and see what comes up. There’s lots there.

well. im not sure if i understand you but.
1: mr units are not going to use their DSP chips to run Native plugins(vst) in real time, if u want true zero latency u need to check the Direct monitoring tick in Devices ->device setup->Vst audio system. now u can monitor with zero latency with MR816 reverb+channel strip in MR CSX model. but in this mode u cant use Vst FX to monitor from cubase,
meaning u cant play your guitar with AMP simulator in real time for example.
2: if u dont use direct monitoring u can use vst fx to play in real time with ur guitar but with latency depending on your buffer size
3: also important(maybe this is your real issue !!! ) some plugins introduce internal latency,(such look ahead limiters)
so u will gate more overal latency with ur DAW. just make sure when u play the keyboard or your guitar to activate “constrain delay compensation” in cubase or your DAW, this insure that plugins that introduce latency will turned off temporarily.

//If the outputs of you’re guitars / effects are through the MR, I suspect it’s a data transfer issue and buffer is the key//
That is a stupid cubase thing. I can only use one interface or a serie of linked MR interface in cubase.
So all in/out goes thru the firewire port. If I had another soundcard just for the monitoring, I would save a lot of data transfer thru the firewire port, but as I understand it, there is no way Asio let you use more then one soundcard.
I meen I could have a USB soundcard just for monitoring. There is a firewire buffer setting in the FW driver setup.
Default is Low. Anyone tried to test differant settings?

//some plugins introduce internal latency,(such look ahead limiters)//

Yeah I think ofcourse this is the issue. And I think I can use a differant approach.
I can split cables, mic a guitar and line the same guitar on another track.
Use direct monitoring on the micked guitar with all distorsion etc. Then I can still use amp simulator for the lined guitar. Only using recorded micked guitar for direct monitoring while recording.

I must say, my computer is old. I never updated my motherboard firmware. Iam afraid to do so. I have thrown a few asus motherboard away with crashed flash bios upate. But the onboard gear is the best from it´s time.