Mr816x no output to external instruments?

I have been using some external processors with Cubase 5 without any problems. Then suddenly no signal. It turns out that when shutting Cubase and opening up the Mr816x mixer that the faders are down for my 3 & 4 outsputs… after setting them to 0dB no problems again after starting Cubase.

My question is, I thougth once Cubase is running that it controls all the output levels of the MR816x?

Note: I had turned up the pots for inputs 3 & 4. I could here the chorus effect in my external effects processor but no sound was coming out of Cubase to meet it.

Can anyone help please?

I had no problem with external processing until I updated to the latest “Tools for MR” release. Then my favorite Lexy verb was GONE! I tried to get it working for almost a half day. Then I found your post here…went into the editor (with Cubase off) and sure enough, the channels used for my send to the Lexicon, were sliders down. I set to 0db. saved the editor configuration and closed…re-opened Cubase and viola!! external effects are back :smiley:

It has been admitted by Steinberg support that there is no way to address channel settings for channels assigned by Cubase to external FX from inside Cubase. They knew this BEFORE issuing the latest MR Tools update, which did nothing to address the issue. It would be nice to know if there are any plans to rewrite the Cubase hardware interface software to include this functionality, but there is no indication it is on their radar.

With all the advertising claiming the superior integration of the MR816s with Cubase, it would seem they have a stake in getting this right. Those of us who have hardware using Studio Manager (such as the 01x) and thus having experienced TOTAL integration, see this as a rinky-dink step backwards.