MR816x noise problems with Berhinger Headphone amp

Ive got 2 Mr816x’s and im trying to connect them to the Berhinger powerplay pro-xl so that i can have 4 separate headphone mixes. Ive tried taking the main mix from the Headphone 1 socket on the mr816 and inserting it into the direct in on the Ber. i then wanted to take 4 outs from the outputs on the rear of the 816s and put them into the aux in on the 4 separate Ber channels. the trouble is… there is a hideous amount of computer noise coming through to the Ber and i can’t hear the separate sends from the mr816 outputs. I set up 4 studio sends in the control room in cubase 6 for each individual headphone mix. has anyone else had a problem like this and is there a solution

I use a pro XL set up with studio sends and it works fine. The only thing I can think is that the problem might lie with using the headphone out to the direct in. What I do is connect 2 of the normal 816 outputs to the main ins on the back of the pro XL. These usually have the backing sent to them from cubase with individual voices then sent via the studio.

Cheers for that i’ll give it a go