MR816X not playing instrument audio

Hey Guys,

So I’ve dusted off my MR816X as I’ve finally gotten a new computer and have tried setting up my new recording system.

Currently I’m just trying to play my keyboards through the MR816X independent of the computer but am hearing no audio. I’ve installed the latest drivers onto my laptop and can play iTunes through the MR816X no problems. When i try and play my keyboards through it however I hear nothing. I can see the ‘SIG/PEAK’ buttons flashing as the keyboards are played indicating its communicating with the interface I’m just unable to hear anything from it.

Any help would be great!

you need to open the MR editor and set the levels for the inputs/outputs your keyboards are coming in on. You can then save it and it should remember for next time.

Be aware that if you open cubase your stand alone settings will be overridden so you’ll have to reset your stand alone setting from the saved menu on your MR editor again.



Yes this has fixed the problem. Thanks heaps for letting me know. I’ve got some interesting times ahead.