mr816x or mr816csx

I am going to buy one of these but just wanted to put the question out there. I was wondering if everyone feels the mr816CSX is worth the extra money or are you satisfied with just the mr816X. If you don’t mind explaining one way or the other…Thanks Tim

Hey Tim, just one user’s opinion - if you are doing basic tracking where you might want just a bit of reverb in the phones for a singer the 816X does the job. for about a year I have had 2-816X and one 816CSX. I have never used the extra facilities in the CSX and would be happy if all three were the same.

Your choice might depend on what comp/EQ plug ins you have and whether you ever want to comp as you track with the on board software (morphing channel strip). I probably get what the channel strip offers through other software so I find it’s never used.

Tim Davidson

we are satisfied these units.-----no need for extra mixing console—just MR

----sorry main matter left—if you wants to use DSP based buit in reverb and EQ than can go for CSX. :sunglasses:

I would be fine just having the x (for reverb). I own the CSX and the sweet spot compressor/eq does a pretty good job however. I have some high end outboard gear I like to use however so I don’t use the sweetspot compressor/eq. If you don’t own outboard gear, I’d say go for the CSX. If you just want reverb, the X is fine. I don’t know what the price difference is at this point.