MR816x Outputs 1-8 -> Headphones?

Hi! I just bought two MR816x for my studio. I will be recording a band all together and will therefor need 6 headphone outputs.
My question is:
Are the line outputs (1-8) on MR816x good enough for driving headphones, or do I need a headphone amp between the MR816x and the headphones?

And another question, WHY are there only 4 “Studios” in the Control Room of Cubase?? I reaaally need to use 6 :frowning:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey there,
Not sure plugging directly from the outs will be good for your cans, check the impedance a but headphone amp is best.
Plenty out there with individual level control or check thread from tito a couple above yours. If you have a board available you can use it for distributing cues.


I thought so. Ive already ordered a headphone amp :slight_smile: presonus hp60 looked like it would do the job for me. It even has a talkback mic input! :slight_smile: thanks! :slight_smile:

Cool,Talkback bonus points!! :smiley:

The Presonus also has a ‘more me’ input for each of the 6 channels, so you can route the instrument being played (or sung) by each musician to their own headphone output (you may have to flick the phase button on the individual outs in Cubase to avoid cancellation if you are also routing the main mix to the HP60).

I have one and route a full mix to input A, a click track to input B and then the ‘more me’ signals to each of the 6 channels, as described above. All these can then be balanced individually for each channel. It works.

I am curious why one would not route, via the outputs on the MR816, into the auxilliary inputs on the Presonus HP so that one could gain the benefit of the studio mixers’ cue sends? Though I currently have not tried this myself because I record alone. However, I have been wondering about how one would implement a dedicated headphone mixer that would benefit from the 4 cue sends in the control room mixer.

Yes, I do actually do that now, but Nuendo only has 4 cue sends!

We’ve been requesting more cue sends for a long time now, but Steinberg don’t appear to be listening.