MR816X used with RME HDSP 9652 and TotalMix

Hi All,

I recently bought an MR8916X and an RME HDSP 9652 and I am using them together via ADAT. I have the system working but I have questions about using the MR816X in this way:

  1. How do I get the the MR816 to clock from the RME? When connected via ADAT I get the RME to sync lock and I can set it’s clock as internal, however in MR tools the only clocking option is itself, the MR816X does not recognise the RME as something to clock from. I have not yet connect their Word Clock I/O together, would that allow the MR816X to clock off of the RME?

  2. When I have microphones connected to the MR816X, for some reason I still get a signal out of my monitors / headphones even when the channel input is turned completely down on the actual hardware as well as in MR tools. The individual channel is turned completely down, so I would expect no signal to pass through, TotalMix (the routing software supplied with the RME) registers an input signal as well. Why are the mics still picking up on sound if the channel faders are completely off?

  3. When micing and recording two or more instruments at a time I would like to have them as separate audio tracks in say Ableton for example, but I can only get TotalMix to recognise all 8 channels on the MR816X as one source. Is there a way to assign channel 1 on the MR to ADAT1-1 on the RME and then channel 2 on the MR to ADAT1-2 etc for all channels so I can control the level of each channel on the MR with TotalMix as well as then rout the individual channels to Ableton separately so I can have the different instruments recording on different audio tracks? I have read the manual for both the RME and MR extensively and I cant wok out how to do it, TotalMix will only recognise all 8 inputs on the MR as one input with all 8 channels on it.

I have been trying to sort these issues out for weeks now, particularly the last two, hopefully you guys can help!

Thanks, Jynks

Firstly, make sure you don’t have MR “extensions” installed. This is the app that links Cubase to the MR816 and srcews everything up if you’re using the RME Totalmix. Once you’ve un-installed MR extensions, go into the MR editor and route the first pair of adat inputs (1&2) (and nothing else) to the analog outs 1&2 (first tab on the right of the MR editor). Do the same for 3&4, 5&6 etc. Now go down to the first adat tab and route analog ins 1&2 (panned hard left and right) ONLY. Do the same for adat outs 3&4, 5&6 etc. What you’re trying to achieve is, via the MR editor, sending one channel of analog out to one channel of adat and visa versa.
See my other post on this subject:

Oh wow, thank you for this great information!! I will try it as soon as I get home tonight!

Do you have idea as to why my mics are still sending input signal when their line is turned completely down on the MR817X hardware input and in MR editor?

Also any idea on how to get the MR816X to sync from the RME?

Thanks so much!


You have to connect them separately to access the discrete clocking menu, you will however come across the problem I’ve just found doing this, and that is that the 816’s wont follow the master clock rate, they have to be reconnected and changed manually from the MR editor.


This could very well be, I haven’t change sample rate from 44.1 in years.

if you work to picture then yo have to work at 48k, I also do selected projects at 96k too so I need to able to change easily.


Norbury Brook,
I have been thinking of running two MR816s into a UR824 via ADAT. I see that you have the same units. Is that how you are using them?

that’s exactly what I’m using at the moment.

After a lot of head scratching and working out the best way for me to work I’ve found a solution.

My main issue was I use a lot of external hardware and with the MR units the volume controls ALL hardware outputs so you cant use the master volume control.

I had got rid of my hardware controller and so needed to use the master volume control!!

anyway to cut a long story short, I’ve been running with the 816’s into the UR now for 6 months with no hardware monitor controller between my units and monitors and it’s been great :smiley:

the main niggly issue is that the MR units, which are now slaves to the UR, don’t follow the master sample rate so you have to still have them connected via firewire and use the MR editor to manually change sample rates.

At the moment I have a film score on the go @48k- a studio master high definition album for Linn records @96k -and a regular 44.1k album so it’s a PIA to constantly have to change everything. That said, it’s working well.

I’ll also add that as the UR824 only has 4 possible output busses for zero latency dsp monitoring you have to choose what to do with them. So, for me I have 2 sets of monitors and two cue mixes. that suits me at the moment as I’m not having to send out more than one cue mix to the talent.



What you are doing is the best way of using this device.