MR816x Windows Output to Cubase input

Hey Y’all,

Oh all knowing and all seeing ones :slight_smile: Excuse this probably very stupid question/ my laziness trying to figure it out myself.

Is there a way to get the output of Windows Audio (which you can redirect to a particular physical output with the MR816x tray utility) to be added as input in Cubase ?
Reason for this is that we use 4 studio monitors (with headphones + 1 monitor for control room mix) to the musicians and I’d like to be able to let them hear some windows feeds once every while (for instance youtube).
Obviously I could connect a physical output to a physical input of the MR816, but then I’d be loosing in- and outputs. That’s a ‘no, no’ for me.

With my EMU 1820m I could reroute WAVE to a ASIO input channel of my liking using a DSP Patch utility. I could then add this 'input’as a track in Cubase. With the MR816 I can only select physical outputs.

Any ideas?

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You may be able to do this by changing one of the VST device preferences (in Cubase). There is a preference setting called “Release driver when in background” (I think that’s what it’s labeld). Essentially, it allows you to tell your system that Cubase either owns the audio driver at all times or that the audio driver is released to the system when Cubase is not in the foreground.

I generally leave this set to “Release driver when in background”. This way, if I open a different application window (Windows media player, web page etc…) and play something, windows will play it back via the current audio driver. When I go back to Cubase, it takes over the driver again and I can get playback from Cubase.

I should note that I dont use the MR816 driver. Rather, I connect it to my system via ADAT, into an RME multiface. Shouldn’t matter though. In my case, I just select the RME driver froom the Cubase VST device screen. If I were to use the MR816, I would be selecting it’s driver. The preference setting would still function in the same way.

The only potential gotcha here is, if you set the preference to “Release Driver when in background”, and you’re tracking something…if you switch out of Cubase while you’re tracking, you’ll drop the Cubase audio stream.

Hope this makes sense.