MrLinssi-Legacy ("Epic" cinematic music)

This is my second orchestral composition. I’m quite happy with the way it came out (considering that I’m a beginner at stuff like this),not 100% happy with the mix though,(mixing orchestra with one mic position is hard :laughing: ) but I thought that I should release it so I can move on with my other stuff. All kind of feedback is welcome and if you have something you’d like me to take a listen to put a link in your reply! :wink:

All was done in Cubase Elements 8,for the orchestra I used EWQLSO Silver and choirs are Soundiron’s Olympus Elements. I also used Soundiron’s Apocalypse Elements for the percussion and the vocals in the beginning were done using Shevannai.

Hi MrLinssi, you achieved a pretty reasonable orchestral sound, although there are orchestral experts here who might give pointers. From a compositional point of view, I’d say it’s just a sketch, in that you only use two chords,but it probably makes perfect sense in a video game context. Thanks for posting, and hope to hear more!

Thanks for the feedback!

I made the whole thing for a imaginary movie scene/trailer/video game so I made it dead simple in purpose,still,I probably should have added some variation. Well,next time then!

And yes,I’m hoping that someone who has more experience in orchestration comes here and gives me some pointers!