MrLinssi-The Nauzicaa Brigade (Orchestra)

This is my third attempt at “epic” orchestration, tell me what you think! I think I succeeded a bit better with the mixing+composing compared to last time…there’s still a long way to go, though. :laughing:

I used Cubase Pro 8.5, Spitfire Audio Albion One, Apocalypse Elements and Olympus Elements.

There have been quite a few ‘epic’ composers putting up material recently. While I like the intentions and the intensity being produced, it appears to my ears that they all have a sameness - long brass themes counterpointed with vox and strings (sometimes punchy). Percussion is muffled. And… most of the time the music is clearly derivative of Hans Zimmer who is able to use a real orchestra or two and all the studio effects to create a mammoth sound.

Listening to this track I was able to work out why the overall feel is mushy. To me, you play all the sounds like you might a keyboard. What I want to hear is the phrasing that the real instrument uses, allowing for wind players to breathe. I think this is the feeling that I have been getting from all the listens recently so I apologise for picking on your work alone.

I hope this makes sense and with more judicious use of the sounds, your original music will come across with more clarity and impact.

All the best


No need to feel sorry! I’m just starting to get into vst orchestras and I’m glad that someone actually takes their time to give constructive criticism!

So thank you, and yes, I’m quite aware that the brass section is really stretching it in terms of realism…sometimes I get a bit carried away… :smiley:

I understand what you mean about taking the time. For my part I don’t get on here enough and when I do I want to encourage. Sometimes it’s hard so I don’t always say anything. Plus I’m not overly comfortable with some genres. Orchestral and Rock are my fortes.

What I’m saying is not to worry if responses are slow. If any of us here see worth it’ll be said.

All the best



Nice attempt. You have some nice ideas there, but if you really want constructive criticism as you say, well, it’s coming. If not, stop reading now.

It starts off with the right intent, but there is no discernible rhythm there for the listener to lock onto.

Same holds true with the cello (?) figure that starts @ :30, which is cool. BUT - there is some semblance of a rhythm there, but it is not easy to lock onto.

That part should go longer, and develop more. There is so much you can do there, with more strings (think counterpoint), percussion, synths, etc.

The transition into the next part is weak.

From that point forward - your strings don’t sound like strings. They sound like a bad accordion. What lib are you using? Get something that has a better attack. LASS is the first thing that comes to mind.

The percussion is severely lacking. You are in the right direction with it, but you need more. Think big, and think accents.

As the cue progresses, it just turns to mush. There is no clarity, no definition.

Next piece you write, come up with a comprehensible rhythm, and stick to it. Over that, put a distinct melody, that you can sing to.

Listen to other works that will give you ideas on how to do things.

  • for one.


Ouch, I won’t lie, that hurt a bit. :smiley: But I thank you for being honest!