MS balance plug-in disappeared in W7

the MS-balance (VST Steinberg) plug-in seems to have disappeared in W7. I cannot find a substitute. Why has it gone, and what plugin could be used instead of it?

I find this plugin useful to settle a restless stereo image and make it quiet by amplifying -just a little- the mid channel in a stereo file.

I have no hesitation in recommending DrMS:

Arguably the most powerful stereo field/spatial field processor available.

If you don’t need that kind of power and elegance (and who doesn’t from time to time) you could try BitterSweet from Flux (free):

Hope this helps.

MS Balance? I’m not sure what plugin you mean? (Tools One, maybe).

  1. Anyway, ToolsOne is available in the Legacy plugin sub-menu
  2. There is a new plugin Stereo Tool in the VST3 Steinberg plugin sub-menu (from WaveLab 7.1)


Thanks for this post that DrMS looks like a powerful tool, I will give it try. :slight_smile:

Hi I have just answered your question on my thread from jun.
Sorry I did not see it until now, but maybe I can ask you about another plugin that I still use in Wavelab 6.
It seems to be missing in Wavelab 7,thats the VST Dynamics with Compressor,Soft Clip and Auto Gate.
Maybe its in another plugin I cant find.
We still use Wavelab 6 because Wavelab 7 is not loading Waves Mastering Bundle L316.
But we think about using it more later.
Best Regards

Bear …

Apologies for delay … been kinda busy.

Are you on a windoze system?

If so, the plug is in the ‘Legacy’ VST group.

It looks to me like your VST Dynamics plug, with a new UI, is in the VST3 group.

If you are considering a third party plug, maybe have a look at Sonnox Dynamics. Written originally by Paul Frindle (FWIW, big fan of Paul, Dave Gamble and PG when it comes to getting this sort of thing right and sounding good).

Have fun with your dynamics!