MS Scam

Watch out for the MS Upgrade scam. It’s just a way for MS to upsell upgrades. The deal is, if you bought a PC between June 2012 and the release of W8 you could get a downloadable upgrade for $15. What they don’t tell you is that 1) you can’t install without W7 being installed unless you buy the full upgrade (which isn’t a full upgrade) and 2) the download is 32 bit only (again, 64bit only in full upgrade which isn’t a full upgrade). The full upgrade that isn’t a full upgrade (their words) costs $199.

When I told the clown most systems sold during the qualifying period were most likely 64bit, he told me that was my opinion. :unamused:

When I told him he was a liar and a scammer, again I was told that was my opinion. :laughing:

Save yourself time and mark the e-mails as SPAM. :wink:

Aloha N,

Even tho’ I am not a MS user, Thanks sooo much for that post.

This is the type of stuff of which we all must be aware, and the best
way to do that IMHO, is with sharing posts/info like this.

Thanks again.

i bought 2 copies of windows 8 pro a couple of weeks ago at £24.99 from microsoft. although labelled as an upgrade, you can do a clean install by downloading as an iso file then burning that to a dvd.
so i wiped my old laptop vista 64 bit and installed windows 8 pro 64 bit. seems perfect so far. all the hardware on 5 year old lenovo laptop installed without any issues. got cubase, sony vegas pro, presonus studio one and reaper all working well amongst others. so for me it was a very good deal. i bought the 2nd copy for the future when i will install on main studio pc. some people have claimed that you can install a single copy on up to 5 pcs but i believe this was a misunderstanding. ed

I read the OP and didn’t respond but as I re-read I don’t see how this is a scam at all. If you bought a PC after June 2012 it should certainly have Win7 on it. If the OP doesn’t have proof that most PC’s sold are 64 bit ( I mean hard data) than it is just an opinion.

It’s a scam because nowhere in the 16 e-mails I got about the offer or at anytime during the purchase process was it mentioned it was 32bit only. Only reasearch before purchase brought it to light. :wink:

When is the 128 bit OSN8 version being released? :wink:

How you been? Well I hope! Tied the know yet?

Hey Buddy, things are great here. I’ve been crazy busy, got that big contract. How’s things with you?

Haven’t even set a date yet. :laughing: