MS Surface Dial "native" support


It would be very nice to have a “native” support of the surface dial in cubase. Adding one (or more) menus to the wheel tool selection menu. The most useful one would be to transform it into an AI knob, with dial button being the locking parameter.

I know with Elephant you can send some MIDI with the dial, but it conflicts with the native dial menu in other apps, not swapping automatically when you swap apps, and it doesn’t allow to use the button as a midi toggle for the AI locking function, so you need to map another controller to do so and your hand has to leave the dial to lock and unlock, which is not convenient.

A simpler, not as elegant but “could work” way would be to allow keyboard shortcuts on that AI knob. Like a shortcut for locking, a shortcut for + and - increment, and it would be easy to map to the dial in the native app.