MS to Ticks Conversion Table

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently created a table in google sheets that you all might find useful, it converts ms track delays for instruments and articulations in the Cinematic Studio Series. This table was based on information that was kindly given to me by @SampoKasurinen and @johnkprice as well as the creator of this document. I know Sampo has previously provided scripting for common offsets, which is much more “next level” than this, I just have not had the bandwidth to dig into to properly using scripting. So for those of you looking for a more low-tech stop-gap, here’s the spreadsheet:

This is a view-only document so you will need to make a copy. The double-lined red box is the bpm field that will populate the table. Off to the right, there is an independent calculator for converting dotted quarter bpm into quarter (I know it’s a simple calculation but if you’re like me and working on something at 3 am, brain power saved is brain power earned). Conversely, you could also change the number in the “constant” field from .008 to .012.

The calculations are relatively simple and it should be pretty easy to use this as a basis for other libraries you own as long as you know the ms delay, many of which are listed in the first document I linked to.

Anyway, I know it’s not earth-shattering, but I figured it might be useful to some. Please let me know if you notice I have made any data entry or calculation errors.