MSCC-FREE compressor. Sidechaining for Cubase Elements/AI/LE

I’m a C++ developer and want to present my new product - MultiSideChainCompressor
-it is FREE!
-scalable GUI
-stereo and mono components
-mono component (Left Channel input + left key input)
-input swapping for mono component (right key input + Right Channel)
-VST3, VST2 and AudioUnit support
-3D GUI (OpenGL)

OSX 10.10.5+ VST3,VST2,AU 64bit
WIN XP+ VST3,VST2 32/64bit
IOS IAA - Sorry, I have working code but don’t have $100 to pay AppStore fee :frowning:
OpenGL 3.0+ graphic card required

FREE download at:

The link is not working - is there an alternative, please?