Mster page setup: PDF page inserts?

Other than converting a PDF to SVG or something, is there any way to insert a PDF page into a master page? For instrument setups I have PDF templates that would be great if they were supported in the graphics frames, or a new frame type.

No, it’s not possible to import PDFs into Dorico. SVG is your best bet. But even there, you might need to set your page margins to 0.

Got it. Related question: looks like the master page can have no graphics set which is good, once I insert the page into the part I can double click to specify the graphic to be used. But looks like that doesn’t work for text frames? In other words a master page text frame has to be filled at master page editing time, it can’t be filled in later when used? Looks that way. I can add a new text frame in the page of course, but I have to make sure to get all the formatting correct for consistency.

Edit: Found a command line pdf2svg converter, yes it works quite beautifully, and no issues with page margins.

You can put blank text frames in the master page and then add text into the layout itself, sure. It’ll create a page override, which isn’t necessarily wrong, just something to avoid when possible (sometimes not possible).

Ah yes, you’re correct. I wasn’t able to edit it because of some issue or another but it works now. This is really clever. I was looking into ways to edit the PDF to mark it up, but heres the possibility of marking it up in-situ

Yep! “Just fix those text baselines,” said the nerd. :ugeek:

Absolutely, this is just banging rocks together :slight_smile:

You know on text box aligning and such I’m just whinging it. Pushing things around until I give up and it doesn’t look too bad. Any general rules of thumb people follow in this kind of desktop publishing? Golden Ratio or anything like that? It would be nice, and save time, to actually know what I should be striving for other than “something that looks good”.