MSVCR120.dll cubase 8 pro on my desktop

The msvcr120.dll is on my desktop, associated with Cubase Pro 8. I’m certain I did not move it there from any Cubase file folder. The properties of the file says it was created on Thursday, ‎August ‎06, ‎2015, ‏‎8:23:46 PM.

Microsoft says, Msvcr120d.dll is a Debug version of C runtime.

Why is this file showing it is designated to be opened with Cubase 8 Pro and why is it on my desktop?

Thanks to anybody who can solve this mystery for me. I don’t want to delete it, and I don’t know where it belongs, though it’s unlikely it belongs on my desktop.

I’m by no means an expert for this one… but I see in Google that this file has recently been associated with something to do with the Dropbox app. Did you do something with Dropbox recently (maybe install it?). Just a thought.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for your reply Prock.

Yes, I use Dropbox, but I didn’t install it recently, though I have installed Slate demo plugins lately.

I did notice today, when I was downloading NI’s Komple 10’s installers, that another MSVCR.dll is on my desktop. So, perhaps it does happens when installer software is downloaded.

The question is, why is this being associated with Cubase Pro 8? And can I just delete the .dll with no consequence to Cubase’s performance, or the associated plugin/VST downloads that will be used in Cubase?